My Church Experiences

I have been thinking lately about a church I used to attend. I can’t go there now because I’m in a different country. I miss it sometimes.

I want to tell the pastors and the members that all religions are okay with God, that people are all on different paths. I always had trouble with the belief that only Christians are going to heaven. I also don’t agree that the Bible is all true or that Christianity is the only worthwhile religion.

Years ago I attended a church for a time happily and then ran into trouble. I tried to tell my pastor some of these things and it didn’t work at all. I ended up leaving.

The pastor of the church I attended more recently follows an approach which the pastor calls full gospel. This means preaching that The Bible is all true. The church was non-denominational, not a Full Gospel church.

Sometimes other members and I would ask the pastor questions and he would answer with a certain Bible verse. If you’re wondering why I didn’t go to a different church, I went there because a friend was attending. I also really liked all the members and activities as well as the pastor. They have a lot going on almost everyday not just Sundays. One night a week they have a prayer hour which I liked.

I want to tell that pastor and the members of this church about the awakening. The pastors of both of the churches I attended call the time we are in “the last days.” I call it the awakening. Some say the world is coming to an end. I think that’s a good way to describe it though I wouldn’t say it’s going to end exactly. I sometimes say to myself the world’s coming to an end but I don’t mean it literally.


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