First Thing We Need to Do

Whats the first thing we need to do on the path to creating a new world?

Stop investing our time, money and energy into unnecessary things.

What are unnecessary things?

Almost everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The list is so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ll name as many as I can:

snacks, soda, corn chips, potato chips, pretzels, regular soda, diet soda, juice drinks, coffee drinks, bottled waters, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, frozen dinners, gum, candy, mints and many other foods; wine, vodka, whiskey, beer, stout, wine coolers and all types of booze; tobacco, rolling papers, lighters, cigarettes, cigars and all other similar products; home decor, body decor, plastic surgery in most cases, special bras, makeup, anti-aging products, some medicines, most supplements, most electronics.

Okay it would take me a year to name all the things that are taking are time and energy that we could do without. How much of what we have now did people have 100 years ago?

We need cars, clothes, food, some gadgets, some entertainment but we don’t need all that we have now. It’s impossible to name all the things we could drop.

Also I want to say we’d be better off if we drop all the past grievances, regrets, debts, worries about the future. A world full of people feeling bad, angry, resentful or depressed won’t last long. All of this affects the whole.

After we’ve dropped everything we don’t need, we can put all the time, money and energy that was wasted into things that matter. ❤




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