My Awakening Has Been Happening Over the Last Few Years

I’ve learned so much over the last few years. There were times when I thought I was awakened or enlightened. I’m not sure there’s a difference. Going to think about that.

My first awakening experience was in 2004. If you haven’t read about it please scroll down and read the first post.

After it happened I felt like I was awakening/enlightened and knew all that I needed to know. I didn’t now what I know now.

Starting about five years ago I started learning and realizing a lot. Then 2014 was a great year. I figured out so much.

Since then I’ve been coming to so many realizations. It feels great. I feel like Ive got it.

About a year ago in spring 2015 I told a friend I was enlightened. He didn’t believe it of course. I don’t think that I’m really enlightened (yet) but I think I’ve touched on it.

😃 I’m feeling it again.


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