Article on The Awakening from Waking Times

Here is the link and an excerpt from this article.

So, given we’re all a part of this process, you need to ask yourself: “How awake am I?”:

  • Are your beliefs about the world continuing to be shaped by the matrix-media, or have you accepted that the mainstream channels are limiting your potential in mind and heart?

  • Do you realize yet that the materialist paradigm is a shallow, dogmatic and inaccurate conception of existence?

  • What about the fact that our world is run by a shadow order in which the banking sector, along with the media, are their primary control mechanisms?

  • Do you see that the political framework has been hijacked by big money and big business?

  • Is it obvious that the wars that our families have been thrown into are part of the agenda of the military-industrial-media-politico-banking complex?

  • Is the corporate monopolization of our resources obvious to you?

  • Have you locked it in that the pharmaceutical giants want customers, not cures?

  • Are you conscious that our food, medicine, water and air is becoming more toxic?

  • Does the way that we treat our fellow sentient beings through the animal-agriculture industry disgust you?

  • Do you acknowledge that so-called experts are less hit than miss, including journalists, doctors, politicians, scientists, academics and gurus?


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