Jobs & Careers Which Support the Planet

As I wrote in other posts I think one of the best things we could do for the environment and planet is to drop all the things we don’t need such as meat, booze, tobacco, bad movies & TV shows, beauty products and much else.

All of the people working in industries which are not supporting the planet can transition into new types of work.

Here are some ideas:

1) A photographer working for a useless magazine can leave that work behind and go to teach kids photography.

2) Anyone involved in the production of mindless or violent movies can start a film class to teach the skills they’ve learned.

3) All who work in the meat industry can leave to educate others about the need to change it.

4) All who work in the food industry helping to produce junk food, packaged food, fast food can use their skills to make a new industry of healthy, organic, non-packaged food. 

* I’m adding that I found a perfect example of this on Facebook. A woman left the fashion industry which I think is a burden on the environment to do work which helps the environment, building sustainable homes.


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