Two Australian Angels

I think everyone should learn about these two Australians who were executed in Bali for drug trafficking.

These two young men carried drugs just one time when they were about twenty and spent ten years in prison before being executed. They were part of a group called The Bali Nine. The other members are still in jail in Bali.

After watching this video and a few other videos about them I don’t see them as criminals who should be executed. Based on all the information it seems like this is the only crime they ever commit.

In one video a man who knew them said they reformed in prison more than any prisoner he’s seen. One studied and became a pastor and the other completed a degree in art. If you watch all the videos you can see they helped other prisoners significantly.

I first wrote this not long before they were executed in April 2015. I learned about them a few months earlier at a public screening of videos telling their story. I wasn’t really interested in them until I saw the videos and learned their whole story.

After the public screening of videos I talked to a young Indonesian man who said he met them in prison where Andrew Chan baptized him a Christian. 

I think in a way these two young men are Lightworkers. We all learned from their ordeal.

Maybe they are angels.


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