Music to Help You Reach a Higher State

David Young

This story is unbelievable. I’ve never heard of a musician whose music helps people to connect to the other side. People who listened reported having experiences with angels or ascended masters as well as connecting with loved ones on the other side.

On his site you can listen to a free sample and sign up to listen to more of his music. I’m in shock. I can’t believe some of the testimonies at his website. Please try listening to his music. I felt something when I visited his site and listened to the free sample and watched this video. I will take time later to really listen in a quiet environment.


I was lucky to see one of the greatest singers ever in the spring of 2015. She went on stage alone with a harmonium and then started singing. It was a total surprise. She sang these songs. They call her a ‘sacred song preserver.’ She sings songs that most people don’t know from different countries in different languages.


I used to attend a non-denominational but conservative Christian church that had great music during the services. They sang a lot of contemporary Christian songs including a few by this Australian Christian group called Hillsong. 

When I look at this group I feel like they are really walking their talk, that they really have the Holy Spirit with them. 

I’m not a member of any religion. There isn’t one that I wholeheartedly agree with, but I consider myself very spiritual. 

I admire anyone who’s a member of a religion who really tries to live it. If they focus on living life with love, honesty and compassion then they can be Christian, Muslim, Baha’i or whatever else. 


Sound Healing

I have attended something called Sound Healing several times. A group of musicians play for a group of people who lie down with their eyes closed.

They play all kinds of instruments including traditional ones that many of us haven’t heard of. 

This is new for me, the idea that people would think that sound can bring healing. After a session I found that I was in a better mood. At the end they offer a Balinese blessing. Someone comes around and sprinkles everyone with water and puts rice or clay in the middle of your eyebrows.

Here is a website to learn more about it and a picture of the sound healers.

sound heal


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