What can we do for the environment?

The first thing I can think of is to stop manufacturing everything we don’t need.

Think of all the time, energy, money and natural resources!!

To make, buy, sell & transport clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, electronics, cars, beauty products, processed/fast/gourmet food, booze, tobacco, meat, computers, phones and all other electronics.

When I started writing this blog the first thing that came to me was beauty products. Later on I realized that producing so many cars and clothes is also a burden on the environment.

As far as beauty products go, can one just try to imagine the number of small bottles, containers and tubes in the landfills, even eyelash curlers 😦

The nail polish and hair dyes seem especially harmful. Why? How can you recycle nail polish bottles? The stuff sticks inside. Every woman has had an experience of spilling it and seeing what it mess it is. Worse than spilling paint.

And hair dye? After dyeing your hair the excess goes down the drain. I know it’s got stuff in it which harm the environment. Back when I was in middle school and high school those dyes that lasted through 1-2 shampoos were popular. Seemed great at the time cos you didn’t have to wait until your hair grew out, but all of that dye went down the drain! And what do they put in it? When you get your hair dyed or permed the smell is really bad! Obviously there’s something in there. And we take this as normal.

Do we need all of these things??

I wrote everything above and am looking over it now. Looking at all the pictures I felt two things –

1) I’m feeling thankful I don’t make a living in any of these industries.

2) I’m sorry that so many do.

I was thinking that we’d be better without these industries, and I just checked the clock to see 11:11.

Wouldn’t it be great to put all the time, energy and money we put into useless or unimportant things into something productive?


Some Things We Don’t Need Anymore

Beauty Products – perfume, potions, makeup, beauty cream, hair dyes, hair gel, etc.


Designer everything – Watches, clothes, cars, jewelry, beauty products and all else.

Material Things – clothes, cars, phones, gadgets, home decor and anything else you can think of.

Fine Food – culinary delights are unnecessary. We all need food but simple and local food is enough. Something that has an impact on the environment is shipping food products around the world. If there is a problem in some part of the world, and there are a lot of those now, then sometimes companies aren’t able to import/export products from there. Then certain dishes are unavailable or have to be modified.

Other Types of Food – meat, junk food, fast food, school/work cafeteria food.

Meat – I’m not a total vegetarian though I avoid meat. I realize it would help the environment a lot if we all stopped eating meat right now. 

Dairy – I think the dairy industry could continue if they made some changes.

Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol – we would be so much better off without all of these.

Movies – horror movies, violent movies, action movies, adult movies…millions are invested into making these movies and they’re not doing anyone any good.

TV – violent or mindless shows. Another waste of lots of time and energy.

Magazines – Especially women’s magazines. They are full of advertisements for useless products…products which are hurting out environment.

* How much money would we collectively save if we stopped making, selling, buying all of these things??

How could we better spend that time, money and energy??

Considering our depleting natural resources…Do we want to keep making things we don’t need?

Manufacturing, transporting, throwing away such things we don’t need?

Think gas, oil, landfills, chemicals…things leaching into soil and water…FOR THINGS WE DON’T NEED???

I’m always thinking about my carbon footprint and trying to make it smaller and smaller. 



Let’s Forget About Having a Big House

Go to 3:33 and you will see from the front the home that Ferris Bueller lived in. I must have watched this movie about 20 times in middle school, high school, probably once or twice in college, maybe once or twice after that. 

I thought back to this some years ago after I started going through my awakening. Every kid born around the same time I was saw this movie. I think that when they saw the homes the kids in the movie lived in, they understood that this is normal, that they have to have a home like this. Those watching from other countries see this and think that all Americans are living in a home like this. 

It’s been said “The American dream is turning into a nightmare.”

I would say let’s just forget about it. It was nice that some people could buy homes like this, but it’s not that important.

It costs a ton of money and energy to buy and maintain a home like this. America uses 25% of the world’s energy. You can find this in John Perkins’ Youtube videos. We need to lower this and one thing we can do is to live in smaller homes. 

Last Trip to The Mall

I’m thinking to make my last trip to the mall my last trip to the mall. 

Of course it won’t be. I’ll have to go back sooner or later. But I noticed something walking around this time which was yesterday that I hadn’t before.

Every single thing for sale is something useless!!

For example:

Literally a million and half types of junk food. Candy stores. Popcorn store. Bakery. Small restaurants selling hot dogs, meat puffs, cream puffs, cupcakes. All the major fast food restaurants. Coffee shops. Some regular restaurants. Some of the food for sale was good quality, healthy food but almost all of it wasn’t. 

Watch stores with really expensive watches! I went over to one to look in the window just to see the prices. I saw one around $3000 and one next to it around $1500. Then I saw another shop just a short distance away and decided to check the prices there. Those watches were more reasonable, around $500 but still more than I’d ever pay.

Electronics. A few days ago I went to this mall with a friend and we enjoyed going to an electronics store and looking at these huge TVs with unbelievably clear screens. I’m not sure what they are called. They showed beautiful scenery from around the world. So clear it was like real life. Even that though can only entertain you for so long. 

Lots of clothing shops, handbag stores or shoe stores. Perfume shops. Beauty products.

Not one bookstore! One good thing – an outdoor walking area on the harbor front and some things for kids like bumper cars. 

And I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Some clothing shops had a huge screen showing some model walking down some runway. When I was a teen they just had huge pictures of models. I’m not sure what these screens are called.

I realized yesterday as I was about to leave the mall that there was not one thing in the mall that I was interested in.

There were so many people working there and so many customers walking through. How much combined energy – if we think of every single person going there in a day – thousands of people x 365 days a year minus a few holidays.

What could those people do if they put all that energy into something else? Particularly the people working there. What if they could leave and so something else? Something worthwhile?

And these malls are all over the world!!

This one is in Singapore.


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