Food Revolution

Along with everything else we need to be thinking about all the food we eat and where it grows, how it’s transported, what’s added to it and how it affects the environment, plants, animals and people. 

I’m not sure that everyone needs to be a raw, gluten-free vegan yet. I’m still in the process of learning about it. I may later conclude that we all need to follow certain diets.


Food Revolution

Recently I’ve gotten emails from a group that had a big event which I think was mostly online. I was too busy to join in but I love their work. Here’s the site. The emails are written by Ocean Robbins son of John Robbins.

 Food Babe

I want to share about Food Babe. I’m on her email list and I love the work she is doing. Recently she got one company to take food additives out of their foods. Seeing something like this makes me so happy.

Illegal to Throw Out Food

I love this idea! Let’s now think about following France.

Maybe this doesn’t need to be illegal in every country if people just use common sense. How could so much food be thrown out when others need it?


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