Receiving Guidance Through Meditation

Once a friend led me through a meditation. I don’t know how he did it, but as he told me “you are seeing this,” I was actually seeing it. I asked him how he did that but he couldn’t really explain. At one point he said “you see a cave” and I did. Then he said you will see your guide come out of your cave and just as he said that I saw someone who looked like Jesus come out. It was fuzzy but it looked like him.

I decided to post this picture below. The whole picture didn’t look like this exactly, but this picture gives you the same feeling.

Before seeing the cave I was in space. Then I was guided down to what I thought was the earth and there I saw the cave.


My friend told me I could ask my guide some questions. One question I asked was on the separation between religions. I got the best answer I ever heard. I wasn’t told exactly, just realized that as people migrated around the world, religions separated just as languages did.

I took Linguistics in college and learned about the Indo-European language family. All languages in Europe except Basque were one language 5000 years ago. As people separated into groups and moved around Europe all the languages there now formed.

The problem is that as people separated they started to think of themselves as different, as better than other groups, and they used their differences to justify sometimes fighting or exterminating other groups.


I believe we all need to start using our intuition which as I see it means using our guidance from God or the Divine. 

I sometimes use Doreen Virtue’s angel cards or ascended master cards as you see in the picture for guidance.

I haven’t tried Tarot cards but I got one or two readings that I didn’t get much out of.

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