A Little About Me

I decided to share some things about me.

First of all I’m a soul.

I’m not my age, gender, background, education level, appearance, list of accomplishments or anything like that.

I only want to say so much about myself. I am American and from a part of the country that isn’t well-known.

My background is Christian, public school, state college, suburbia.

I’m not a member of any religion or political party.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I know what I know, what I’ve learned in my life from the people I spent time with where I lived, my own background. 

Please don’t judge me based on things like the way I talk, where I come from or the language I use. It’s just what I’ve picked up. 

When I was 28 in 2004 I had an amazing awakening where I was talked to by divine beings which I think are spirit guides.

I have had divine experiences since then but nothing like the first experience.

I had two less significant divine experiences in the springs of 2006 and 2007.

I have few possessions. I have simple needs in my opinion: food, sleep, a few other things.

I’m currently sleeping in a small room with just a small amount of clothes and personal things.

I used to care more about “the things of this world” but I don’t think I was ever that into them except maybe when I was a kid or teen.

As time goes on I care about them less and less. It’s like – as I’m waking up these things matter less and less.

I wonder if others who are waking up feel the same??

These days I’m guided to just spend time using the internet and write. I am not as inclined as before to go out places, meet friends and things, take meditation and other classes like I was doing before.

It’s like my life is getting more and more simple, more focused on the work I want to do, my Divine Life Purpose.

I realize worries of the past didn’t really matter that much. I realize a lot of the things people worry about take up too much of their time and cause them to compare themselves to others, to judge themselves and others. 

While on my spiritual path some years ago I realized that nuns, monks and others move into convents or monasteries so that the distractions of ordinary life don’t keep them from their spiritual life or service. 

I did think about what this kind of life must be like. They say if you live that life you have to give up everything. I thought that I could give up almost everything but a few things would be hard to give up. 

As I’m waking up the number of worldly things I think I could go without is increasing to almost 100 percent.  

I value my freedom and free time and it would be hard to give these up. 




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  1. raijamariia says:

    Yes, I think we are realizing the emptiness of mere having a lot of possessions. Our life paths are different therefore the life settings are too. Blessings to your path.

    Liked by 1 person

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