My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Doreen Virtue & James Van Praagh

I found this video of a conversation between two of my favorite spiritual teachers and decided to share here. I agree with them on so many points. I like that they talk about organic food, chemtrails, the planet’s future, angels, etc. I also like that towards the end Doreen jokes that they’re getting old and says that other people will need to come and take their places. I’d like to be one of those who do.

I like that Doreen recommends we use coconut oil for moisturizer. I’ve been thinking the same thing for the past several months. Makes me wonder about minds being joined.

I also like at the end the word play with the word ‘illumination.’ Also I like that she says to him near the end that they wouldn’t be there if the world were in good shape.

I’ve been a fan of Doreen Virtue for some years maybe ten. I mentioned her in previous posts. I have read some of her books and I have two decks of her cards.

One is Archangel Oracle Cards and the other is Ascended Master Cards. I bought both of these days I think about the same time about eight years ago.

I learned a lot about the archangels from her books and cards. I use her cards almost everyday.

angel   3 cards


Gary Renard

I’ve been a fan of Gary Renard since his first book Disappearance of the Universe was published by Hay House in ’05 just about a year after the experience I had. I ordered his book as soon as I heard about it and his second as well.

About a year after buying the first book, at the end of April/early May 2006, I was looking at something in the book and it got me.

It went something like this: the two guides were saying that people judge others which puts the blame on others instead of themselves.

After that I had the greatest feeling that the Holy Spirit was with me. I felt the presence with me in my room all night.

Then for about ten days I felt totally different like I had awakened or become enlightened. After that I realized I had gone back to normal and was disappointed.

I want to write about the part of the book that made me come to this realization, but as of now I haven’t been able to find it.



Jean Houston

On her site you see things that people have said about her going all the way back to the 60s. I don’t know how or when she started out.

I‘ve listened to a few interviews with her. I’ve been on her mailing list. She offers courses which I thought of taking but haven’t.

Someone who does psychic readings told me she’s head and shoulders above the rest. I recently watched her being interviewed by Oprah. Here’s the video.


Terry Cole-Whittaker

When I had this awakening experience which I wrote about in other posts, my favorite spiritual teacher at the time was Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker. She’s a minister of Religious Science.

After the experience I sent her a few emails. She wrote back to me saying that she believed my story.

I visited a church of Religious Science and talked to a few members there. I think they are called practitioners. I talked to one for a while about my experience. I don’t remember much of what he said.



Barbara Rose

There was a teacher named Barbara Rose. I used to get emails from her as I recall and visit her site. I recently did an online search for her and didn’t find anything.

A few more things I heard during my experience:

If you see someone who needs something, and you can give it to them, then just give it to them. Don’t ask questions.

Considering the state the world is in and the people who are suffering, I understood during my experience that we should all do this.

Some years after my experience I saw that Barbara Rose had the same thing written on her website. I realized right away it was the same thing. This was about 2007.


 Heidi Baker

Not long ago I picked up the book Compelled By Love by Heidi Baker. She worked as a missionary in Indonesia, England and Mozambique. She and her family have been living in Mozambique for some years. I’m really impressed by the work she has done. It really means a lot to move your whole family to a poor, dangerous country. Here is her website:

I’d recommend this book to anybody and I’d also recommend looking her up online and watching videos of her work in Africa and her preaching. She really lives it. She walks the talk. She reminds me of Mother Teresa. I want to add one of her videos so readers will understand what I mean.

Something I want to add is that she writes that she had visions where she saw Jesus. She also writes of stories like the story of the fish and loaves in the Bible. She has served people food and seen the food multiply. Some may not believe her stories but I believe them


Two Famous Pastors & Great Speakers

One is T.D. Jakes. I like his speaking style. You can see he’s sincere and really cares about what he’s doing. He’s one of the most famous pastors in America and has traveled to other countries to speak.



The other is Joel Osteen. I have read maybe two of his books, watched his sermons online a few times, watched some of his Youtube videos – parts of his sermons and interviews. I looked him up at Youtube and saw that this sermon is titled “Focus on the Promise, Not The Problems.” I think that’s good advice for today. We are surrrounded by problems but still there is a promise of better times. If we all work together we can create a new world.




Supreme Master Ching Hai

About four years ago I started going to a vegan restaurant run by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai who call themselves nuns.

They played Supreme Master TV during the day.

They also kept some of her literature on a shelf. I remember mostly pamphlets on the effects of eating meat on the planet. They also had at least two books that she wrote.

I liked watching everything, however I didn’t really get into her teachings or want to join their group. One time I asked if I could visit their center to do meditation with them. I was told that Master Ching Hai wants people to make a promise to be vegan for life as well as a non-drinker and non-smoker before they participate in the meditation. It was too hard to make such a promise so I forgot about it.

As I’m going through my own awakening these days, I’m starting to see her as an awakened one. I agree with her that the world would be a lot better off without meat, drugs, alcohol and tobacco. At her website you can see statistics like the number of people that die from consuming these things and the money spent on them.

images (1) 


Pope Francis

So many people of all faiths are talking about Pope Francis. He’s nothing like any pope I’ve seen in my lifetime or heard of.

If you go to the 9 minute mark a young Priest tells a funny story which makes it seem the pope doesn’t have a care in the world about material things. 

Also at 8:15 he says he doesn’t like to see a priest or nun with the latest model car. This reminds me of my posts on materialism.I think we should forget having the latest model car or anything else.





I’m Following Great Teachers

I started using Twitter about five years ago but never really got into it. Then a few days ago I decided to use my account in a new way. 

I decided to change my username. I came up with some names like awakening, greatawakening, weareawakening and such. I kept seeing that the name had already been taken.

Finally I chose one which had been taken and added a certain number to it – 444. After that I saw a message saying this name is available. I won’t share the name here but it has the word awakening in it.

Then I thought to myself I can’t believe so many people already have an account with a name like awakening. Are they all going through what I’m going through? I decided to do a search for people with similar usernames and follow them.

I haven’t really been into Twitter and have just logged in about a few times a year. I’m more excited about it now and am logging in more. I’m now using it for my divine life purpose (DLP). 

I’m following many interesting people and gurus there such as:

Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue, Judith Orloff, The Pope, Mooji, Gangaji, A Course in Miracles, James Van Praagh, Terry Cole-Whittaker, David Icke, Jim Carrey, Sonia Choquette, Arielle Ford, Jean Houston, Gabby Bernstein, Colette Baron-Reid, Oprah, Maya Angelou, Debbie Ford, Judith Orloff, Greg Braden, Brian Weiss, Marianne Williamson, Joel Osteen, Gary Renard, Mother Teresa, Rumi, The Dalai Lama, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Gandhi

I’m also following so many who are not using their real names for instance Share the Miracle, Spiritual Truths, Love Awareness, Spiritual Seeker and others.

Looking at all of their names made me realize what a wealth of knowledge I have access to!

I didn’t realize I was following so many great spirit teachers!

This reminds me of something that came to me not long ago during this time of awakening…

I think considering the way the world is we all really need to look to great teachers past and present and apply their knowledge to the issues we’re facing now.

While finishing the last blog post above this came to me: 

We Need The Help of the Great Teachers to Get Through This Time.

Let’s look at all the great thinkers past and present and read their teachings to help us through this time.  This idea came to me when I was feeling in the flow and posting a lot. It may have come to me another time. 

Who were the great teachers of the past?  

Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Yogananda, Gandhi, Mother Theresa….

Who are the great teachers alive today? 

Jean Houston, The Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Oprah, Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra….



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