Ideas on Creating New World

How can we create a new world?

First of all forget everything we don’t need.

Don’t worry about anything that isn’t important. If you feel you’ve wasted time or money as we all do sometimes, forget it.

Forget bad memories unless they’re keeping you from living your life. If they are then get help. 

Every single person in the world is part of God – all races, ages, nationalities, backgrounds. All kinds of people – all levels of education, intelligence, physical appearance, physical and mental ability. 

No one person is better or worse than any other person. 

There are people that need to be in jail, getting help and people you don’t want to be friends with, but they’re still part of God. We need to treat everyone as we would want to be treated. 

I am open to the fact that I can be judged. I may be too this or that, not enough of something else. People could say I don’t know what I’m talking about or I’m not educated or experienced enough. There’s no limit to the possibilities for criticism. I’m ready to be judged.

I know this: I know what I know. I have lived in this world more than 35 years. I know some things. I don’t know everything. I have a limited background as everyone does. I have not lived everywhere, studied every subject, done everything. I don’t claim to be an enlightened being like Buddha but I think I have touched on enlightenment.

We all as I’m doing need to forget what we can’t do, what we don’t know and use what we know to do what we can do because the world needs it.

Anyone can do something. Even those who are bedridden can even do a few things such as converse with their nurses or family when they visit or pray for the world. Kids can help when they’re not in school. All the people who ‘have no time’ can do a little where they can. Everyone else can do a lot more. No matter who you are. 

In America one of the many problems is homelessness. If everyone, I mean everyone, said that this can’t keep going it never would have been like this. It’s absolutely not right to live out in the cold or heat without food. 

There are people helping. There are people working on every problem, but I feel that if EVERYONE refused to tolerate these problems then they would go away very quickly. If just a small number of people help the homeless then it will probably always be an issue. 

By the way, all the words and expressions I use are those that I have learned in my lifetime either in school or from my friends and family. A lot from TV when I was growing up – 80s sitcoms and MTV. If you judge someone based on the language they use try to consider what you’re doing. 

I have so much to say that I wish I could use shorthand or something but I want to be clear.

With the number of crises around the world we simply need to forget everything that’s not important and focus on what is important. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’d like to make some suggestions. 

Here’s one: Considering our depleting natural resources – Do we want to keep making things we don’t need? Manufacturing, transporting, throwing away such things we don’t need? Think gas and oil. Landfills. Chemicals. Paints…Things leaching into soil and water…FOR THINGS WE DON’T NEED???

Plastic bottles. Paper. Glass. Oil. Gas. Maybe eating raw food is good for another reason, you don’t use energy, just to refrigerate.

Some things I’m proud of – I don’t have many possessions, not many clothes, no watch, little jewelry, little makeup. No hair products other than shampoo. Have been using cheap brands. Am thinking of trying something that’s better for you and the environment. Washing your hair every other day and showering less, this all uses less water.

More about water – I used to eat spaghetti out of the pot. As I see it now it was good in a way meaning less water would be used to wash my dishes. At the time I was thinking it’s easier to use fewer dishes. Sometimes I stay in a place where when you shower you have to let the water run before it turns hot enough. It’s frustrating taking a shower in cold water. And I don’t like thinking I’m wasting water while waiting for it to heat up.

Deodorant bottles – I’m not sure if or how these are recycled. Maybe it’s good to use something called ‘the rock.’ Someone told me it doesn’t work. It says deodorant but I like anti-perspirant. I like the dry feeling. I realize that maybe I should get use to new feelings. Maybe I don’t need the dry feeling.

Christmas, other holidays, weddings. We need to make them all eco. That means smaller is better. That means fewer gifts is better. Re-useable gifts are better. Secondhand gifts. Recycled gifts. Or just skip it. Donate the money you would have spent or save it for something more important.

Online classes. Work online. Stop commuting. Work different hours if possible to avoid rush hour.

Information online. Stop printing unless you have to. Less paper.

Shampoo, beauty products all need to transition to environmentally friendly. First of all why are we putting chemicals on our heads and bodies? Why did we do that in the first place? And what about all the bottles? I wish that companies would just take back and recycle their own bottles. This goes for soda, shampoo, food and beauty products.

Being vegetarian or vegan can be really good for the environment. But more importantly the way that meat and milk products are produced can be changed. 

Thrive Market

Another great group doing great work!!

They send healthy organic food and toiletries to anyone in the USA in recyclable packaging.

 Solar Powered Floating Farm

What an amazing idea!!!!!!

Could we solve so many problems related to hunger and the environment this way??


I wrote the writing below on my computer one day several months ago when I didn’t have internet access and couldn’t get into my blog. I edited it recently.

I don’t know what to call this that I’m doing.

I’m not sure if you could call it channeling or awakening.

Is it just common sense that we should have figured out a long time ago?

There is something called the ‘collective consciousness.’ It’s like some ideas are spreading around and people are coming to new realizations.

This writing is a mix of ideas.

We can help the people around the world much better if we stop wasting time, money, energy and limited resources on a number of things: junk food, makeup, booze, cigarettes, bad TV and movies, bad video games, gum, pharmaceuticals, most things made in factories. Also war takes a whole lot of time, money, energy and resources.

Everyone involved in these industries can find other work. Don’t think it’s impossible.

Just think if the millions of people around the world working in the fields of fashion, beauty, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, meat, war and pharmaceuticals went on to do greater work??

How much energy and resources would we save? People power?

Could we put that to better use? I think so.

What about getting food, clean air and water to all the people on the planet?

Then housing, education and healthcare?

Do we need all these gadgets? Don’t we know where they end up?

Do we think about everything we use or eat? Think of the old days – homes with nothing but tables, hard floors, chairs. I guess if you lived in a convent your home would be like this.

For example imagine someone in the fashion industry – which I think is a waste of time, money, energy and resources – decided to leave and do something worthwhile such as help kids or the homeless or work on getting clean water to all who need it.

* It’s funny that I wrote this when recently I found perfect example of this on Facebook. A woman left the fashion industry to do work which helps the environment – building sustainable homes.

There are so many things to do that I think each of us can try just picking something and getting to work. If you find your work is not right for you move on to something else.

This reminds me of something – self.

Forget self. Think humanity.

Think of using yourself to do the best work you can for this world.

If you don’t know what to do I’d say just try something. As for me I’ve tried different things and what excites me most is to teach through speech and writing.

I – no more I, just We, it’s all We, all the people on this planet, seven billion or so. Instead of saying ‘I want you to know’ I’ll instead say ‘We want us to know.’

All of your experiences, challenges, time, abilities, money and assets….

It’s all like an account that you can draw from and use to help others. For example if you went through a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure or health problems it’s like having coins in a piggy bank that you can take out later and use to help others.

Even if all you have are arms and legs you can use them to do a lot.

We all need to take care of ourselves and each other so we are in good enough shape to do our work. We’re all in bodies and we all need rest, bathing, eating, water, etc.

However, I feel more like Spirit. We’re all spirit beings in human bodies. We need to take care of our spirit and never forget everyone else is part of Spirit.

No one needs a really big house unless they plan to have many people living there. Stop building them, stop buying them.

If I never see anybody wear fancy clothes again it will be fine with me. Same goes for fancy cars, food, wine, coffee or electronics.

Why are we spending money on things we don’t need? Why make these things?

Don’t buy anything overpriced whether you can afford it or not.

Let’s be like Gandhi and use peaceful resistance.

Don’t go to an overpriced college.

Don’t buy things you don’t need. They can keep using factories and just make sustainable products. Colleges can stay open and make themselves affordable.


I believe there’s a way we can do all these things with everybody working together.

Speaking of working together if all the people in the world could see that we’re part of one soul we would treat each other differently. We’d see these words I’m writing as common sense. 

Why do we use land to raise animals when we could use it to grow a larger amount of vegetables?

Why do we need to use dyes to dye our hair and clothing knowing the dyes will go down the drain into our limited water supply. This seems like common sense. 

What else goes in there? All the waste from so many things we don’t need: beauty supplies, toys, clothes, plastic, weapons, junk food, etc.

Why are we wasting water when others don’t have water?

Why do we waste food when others don’t have food?

NUMBER ONE QUESTION – Why are we using our limited resources to make things we don’t need when other people don’t have basic things they do need???? 

Why didn’t we ask ourselves this question a long time ago?





  • food

  • water

  • housing

  • education

  • health care



  • beauty and hair products

  • alcohol and tobacco products

  • junk food, soft drinks, snacks, etc.

  • all disposable products

  • fine food and wine

  • big houses or apartments

  • fancy cars

  • fashion



  • past grievances

  • religious discussions

  • talking about anything that doesn’t matter

  • spending time, money and energy on anything that’s not important


People judge others to be “better” or “worse” than themselves or others based on the following:

  • physical appearance.

  • smarter, better, more educated, more athletic, more talented

  • names of schools / colleges / workplaces

  • place we are from / place we live

  • physical handicaps

  • mental handicaps

  • nationality

  • age

 Let us treat all others as we would want to be treated – that means EVERYBODY, I MEAN EVERYBODY including the most vulnerable people, the uneducated, poor, those working at low level jobs and so many others.


Living As We Did During WW II or The Great Depression

Something came to me recently. I was thinking about how Americans must have lived differently during hard times for example WW II or The Great Depression. 

During WW II I know there were some things going on such as growing victory gardens, food rations, buying war bonds…. Likely people were cutting corners and going without many things.

It occurred to me that we should be doing this now, that we should live like it’s WW II or The Great Depression.

Were Americans at that time saying things like this?

I hope I can retire early. 

I’d like to vacation in the Bahamas next year. 

I hope I get into the college I want.

I’m saving up for a nicer car.

I’d like to start collecting rocks.

It all seems so trivial!

But so many of us are spending our time worrying about trivial things.

We need to keep our thoughts & conversations & actions focused on what’s most important!!!!!

And we need to cut out everything we don’t need.

This also reminds me of something that happened about five years ago when I was taking an online course. Not long after we started one student was told by his doctor to quit everything that wasn’t necessary, so he told us he was going to leave the class. I was a little sorry as I’d talked to him and thought he was nice.

But I’m thinking now that we all need to do this.

For the first time in long time I have started thinking I need to narrow my focus. There are so many worthwhile things to do that I can’t do all of them. I have to pick the things that support my mission.

Also I’m less interested in doing things that are fun as I think I need to think more about the work I need to do.

 We Can Change Everything

All the old rules are gone.Ten years ago I said the world is in a state of emergency.

Now I would say that so many are living in a state of emergency in this world that it would make sense to say that the world is in one.

All the old rules are gone – for one thing that means we can forget all of these customs that we’ve had…examples: xmas b-days holidays; weddings funerals; things for babies.

Why are we wrapping a gift or product with a ribbon? I just had to throw one out and thought it was a waste. I can’t do anything with it and it’s not worth saving.

Here’s a website that’s worth our time and energy to look over.

I’ve always like Deepak. I’ve started to admire him more recently. 

I really like though that he cares so much about the state of the world. He’s one of those who really know what’s going on.

I like the first few minutes of this video especially.

Really great video. I agree with him on so many points. The title is misleading. He doesn’t say the world should end. I don’t think that it should either.

He mentions things that I’ve been thinking about such as medications, sex in videos, fast food, violence on TV…so much else.

Green Truck

I love what they are doing and their attitude! And they seem to be doing everything they can to be a friend to the planet and humanity.

Rush Hour / Traffic Jams


We’ve got to get rid of this. All the air pollution that comes from this. Worst jams are usually during rush hour so we can do things such as work from home or work different hours so that rush hour isn’t so bad. If you’re saying this can’t be done I’m saying we have to change this. 

Because I’m thinking “whole planet” I’d like to add photos of rush hour around the world. 




Sao Paolo 


Los Angeles

HI Dennis Oda

Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and so many other cities around the world have rush hour two times a day, everyday, every week, every year.

I read in an article not long ago that Jakarta has the worst traffic jams in the world. I think the article meant rush hour traffic. I don’t want to go there. I know LA has the worst in the US. 

Years ago I read something about how US cities look from a high altitude. I read that the city I’m from which is in the Midwest and some others cities appear as brown dots. I don’t remember all of it but the message was the reason was pollution.

Now my hometown doesn’t have much public transportation and I don’t think there are that many factories so the smog is coming mostly from vehicles.

HOME – The Movie

I think everybody who wants to know what’s going on around the world ought to watch this movie.



The Resonance Project

There is more on this in the movie Thrive.


Patrick Swayze

I think this interview with Patrick Swayze and his wife is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. I love his spirit and their relationship.

It’s interesting watching it now because we know that he has passed on. He had such a great attitude and ended his life in a beautiful way.

I love that he kept doing the work he wanted to do while knowing that he was going to die eventually. I hope to have this kind of attitude and keep working at the end of my life. 


Micheal Jackson

After he died I learned more about him and how much he cared for the world. I think we misunderstood him. 


We Are the World

I was listening to this and it was like these lines were calling out to me. It’s like Spirit was trying to get my attention. I’ve heard this song so many times but these lines never meant much to me. This song is perfect for our awakening. 

There comes a time

when we heed a certain call.

When the world must

come together as one.

There are people dying

and it’s time to lend a hand

to life, the greatest gift of all. 


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